March 7

Vere van der Veen comments on Laura U. Marks, Luminous Images, Hidden in the Senses

In my opinion Laura U. Marks has a voice that could be used in a Disney movie, talking of Snow White going into the woods or the wolf chasing little red riding hood. Instead of talking about a girl with white skin and red lips, she tells us about worlds – not the ones we already know, but the worlds we cannot observe with our eyes, ears or mouths. She talks about new worlds we can discover by going further than the things we know.

One of those worlds is the imaginal realm (world of images). It’s like when you hear not only the notes and the voice in a song, but get a feeling while listening to it. You become sad or happy or melancholic. Those things that you feel are not from the world of the senses we all know.

Despite the fact that Laura says that this imaginal realm is something we cannot see with our eyes, I’m really curious about what it will look like over there.