Studium Generale’s new Chatroom is an open space to share thoughts, references, questions, doubts, and frustrations brought up in the talks, presentations, and screenings of the preliminary Wednesday afternoon programme. After each day’s programme and the Beamclub screening, at about 16:30, you are invited to linger at the Rietveld Gym in a more intimate setting, to join the conversation hosted by students from the Critical Studies department of the Sandberg Institute.

Refreshments and comfortable seats available!

Alternating hosts: Vita Evangelista, Lucie Fortuin, Asja Novak, Sekai Makoni, Maria Muuk, Filippo Tocchi

Vita Evangelista is a visual artist whose work speculates the systems that render or forbid a sense of belonging. They currently investigate different notions of prosthesis as mediations which redefine physical, spiritual and social relations.

Asja Novak works with writing and translation. Their current research revolves around feminist epistemologies, biography writing, embodiment and relationships of care.

Lucie Fortuin uses writing as an affective instrument to think, and to question the boundaries of thinking. Her current topic of research considers space and its potentiality.

Filippo Tocchi has a background in literature and philosophy. His present research regards the detourning of economic processes to smoother, faster, and more effective semiotics.

Sekai Makoni explores Black European identities within her research. She is interested in audio based techniques to capture Black British and Afro Dutch women’s voices, stories and experiences.

Maria Muuk is a graphic designer interested in self-organised and radical educational initiatives and reconceptualising the roles and responsibilities of the designer.